What is Anesthesia?  
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Anesthesia is the practice of medicine dedicated to the relief of pain and total care of the surgical patient before, during and after surgery. Today’s anesthesia has never been safer. We provide anesthesia services as an Anesthesia Care Team which we believe provides each patient with an optimal anesthetic experience as well as the highest standard of patient care. ASA.

There are three basic types of anesthesia: General Anesthesia produces a loss of sensation throughout the entire body. Regional Anesthesia produces a loss of sensation to a specific region of the body. Local Anesthesia produces a loss of sensation to a small specific area of the body. Different types of patients and procedures may require different types of anesthesia.

Your anesthesiologist will advise you as to the best type of anesthesia based on your health, as well as the surgery you are having. It’s very important to be open and honest with your anesthesiologist so he can make the best choices for you. Closely following his instructions in regards to intake of medications, food and beverages before anesthesia will ensure a better outcome. Such substances can react negatively with anesthetic drugs and chemicals.


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What is Anesthesia?  
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