What to Expect  
White River Anesthesia Associates

Before Anesthesia:
Your anesthesiologist will consult with you before your procedure. He will carefully tailor your anesthetic needs to your medical condition and requirements of your surgery. Are you pregnant? Are you a senior citizen or a child? Do you have allergies or hereditary disorders? These are questions you may be asked to help determine the right course of action for your anesthesiologist or CRNA to take. This is also your opportunity to ask about any concerns you may have.

During Anesthesia:
As you undergo your procedure, your anesthesia provider will monitor your breathing and vital signs while controlling your pain and level of unconsciousness to make conditions ideal for a safe and successful surgery. They will continue to assess your condition and make necessary adjustments until you regain full consciousness.

After Anesthesia:
The medications you’ve been given can remain in your body for up to 24 hours. To keep yourself and others safe during this period, it’s important to avoid driving or operating equipment for 24 hours. Don’t drink alcohol or take any medications unless prescribed by your doctor, including over the counter drugs. These can interact adversely with the anesthesia. We also recommend that you delay signing any legal documents or making important decisions as you may be impaired mentally as well as physically for a short period of time. Most importantly, your body needs rest. Take the time to relax and let yourself recover.


What to Expect  
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